About the Blog:

The goal of this blog is to present a comprehensive photographic journal of the wilderness that surrounds the greatest city in North America: Portland, Oregon. I aim to tackle this wilderness thoroughly, one hike at a time, no matter how long it takes. Although hiking trails will be the primary topic, beaches, mountain summits, nature parks, rivers, creeks, lakes, waterfalls, scenic byways and even the neighborhoods of Portland’s urban jungle will also be covered. In addition, I want to showcase uniquely Portland experiences, so expect the occasional digression on topics ranging from food & drink to urban art & architecture.

The object is to capture my love & enthusiasm for this part of the country. I want to share with others my fascination of its wild adventurousness, mysterious grandeur, diverse terrain, inspiring tranquility, and magnificent beauty.

Please join me on my quest to uncover more and more of the wilderness that encompasses Portland, Oregon!

About the Author:

I am no Bear Grylls, Edward Abbey, or John Muir, just a regular guy who worships Nature. I am a passionate Portlander, an insatiable hiker, and a novice photographer / blogger.

Black Watch Sasquatch on Johnston Ridge overlooking Mt. St. Helens
I’ve traveled most of the country from the Midwest to the Pacific Ocean via the good old American Road Trip. I grew up a devout lover of the great outdoors and the open road. I’ve kicked around in such wild and beautiful areas as Glacier, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Badlands, Black Hills, Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Cascade Mountains, Colorado Rockies, Santa Monica Mountains, Olympic Mountains, Oregon coastal range, and several state parks in between. I’ve ventured across the country multiple times and have joy-rided a great handful of America’s most scenic byways.

In 2011, my wife and I moved back to Portland, Oregon from Los Angeles, California. Immediately upon returning to Portland, I felt a surge of creativity and inspiration to get out and document every last nook and cranny of this area of the US. With this blog I am combining a number of my passions in life: hiking, spending as much time as I can outdoors, writing, recording beautiful scenery and showing others, the Pacific Northwest, driving scenic roads to the trailheads, even talking about the great local food and beers I have after a long hike.



  1. You have a great blog my friend, keep up the good work and exploring Oregon!

  2. Nice work E! Top notch blog...keep the stories and pics coming!

  3. Love it! There's something about this area that makes people want to go out and experience it. We just moved here in 2011 as well & are having a blast exploring!

  4. so glad I found your blog. I've recently relocated to Portland with my husband (from South Carolina) and we are in love with the PNW. Only being here a few short months, we've already seen so much beauty. It's a little overwhelming though...to decide what to see next...since there is SO much to see. Your blog breaks things up nicely. I'll enjoy following you.

  5. Thank you very much!! Yes please follow along! Coming up in the next several months I will be posting some outstanding hikes now that the snow is melting in the higher elevations!